With our compliments, we offer the underlying to your Club, Council or business at no charge.


Kindly email our team with your request

Following devestating bushfires and the Covid-19 pandemic, Australia's eastern states have been dealt another blow with the 2021 Floods.

If your Council, Club or Association needs a community message recorded, we will donate our skills to help accordingly.  

Please note - this offer is made to all in the community and is not influenced by any business arrangement your club or council may (or may not) have with Utter Professionals

2021 Flood

Clubs are now re-opening following a relaxation of social gathering laws around Australia.  

Utter Professionals is able to help Clubs inform their patrons of new guidelines that allow them to operate safely.

Kindly email our team at info@utter.com.au for an audio file to play for your callers.  

Listen to the audio sample below

Emerging from Covid 19. Clubs re-open

The Ode

Reciting The Ode is a mark of respect offered by modern Australians that honours the sacrifices of our military personnel who fought to enable the freedom and lifestyles we now enjoy.

With utmost respect, we offer a beautiful recording of The Ode read by Gerard Manion OAM.  As a World War 2 veteran, Gerard's recording is presented with the gravitas and dignity The Ode deserves.  


Gerard initially served in the Australian Light Horse then the 2nd 4th Armoured Regiment during World War 2.  Gerard passed away in August 2018; the last of the Diggers from the 2nd 4th to have served in global combat. 


His was an exceptional and full life, having firstly been ordained as a priest then acting as a Counsellor for Cancer Patients.  He was married for 50 years to Dr Helen-Anne Manion, with whom he established the Dying at Home initiative 

The Ode - Gerard Manion OAM
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Natural emergencies including bush-fires, floods and cyclones impact the lives of Australians every year. 


Our Council clients call on Utter Professionals to assist with recorded messages to advise local residents of rescue protocols, locations of emergency shelters or specific advice relative to the situation.

In the event of a natural emergency, our offer to provide free recordings to assist residents is extended to all, irrespective of any business association they may, or may not have with Utter Professionals.

Natural Emergencies

VOG intros

We offer two (2) generic introductions to your evening's event - a 5-minute call to seats and an immediate return to seats.  

For bespoke recordings, please refer to our Corporate Events page

5 minute call-to-seats - Utter Professionals
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Audience to seats - Utter Professionals
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