... the big voice from the sky that tells people what to do!

In-house announcements for your Corporate Event

Your Event's Voice of God

Announcements, introductions, house-keeping and event-control from a professional Voice of God gives your speakers the freedom to maintain complete focus on their presentation ... and that's the reason you're hosting your event in the first place.

The result is a better delegate experience

A Voice of God also provides a crowning touch to a thoroughly professional event.  

Utter Professionals have delivered every time ... it's the little things for our clients that make a big difference, being able to produce high quality voice-overs in minutes is just one of those things.  Thanks to Steve & the team at Utter Professionals.

Steven Dingley - Senior Producer GPJ

Voice of God options

We can provide a live Voice of God to attend your event and be on-hand to make announcements for your audience at a moment's notice.

Utter Professionals also offers cost-effective Voice of God Packages for large and small events and awards ceremonies.


We can provide your team with an easy-to-follow script providing easy reference to every VOG recording we supply.  

Maybe you already have a script ready to go?  Great!  We'll record for you straight away ... and you'll be ready to go well ahead of doors-open.

Voice of God packages
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With years of experience in presenting to corporate audiences and at awards ceremonies, we've been able to streamline the process to reduce your costs. 

Our Regular and Small Event Packages include generic announcements for general housekeeping, breaks and calls for audience to take their seats.  

Our Small Event Package ($500) also includes up to five (5) bespoke introductions for your event and presenters.

Our Voice of God Package ($1000) is recommended for most corporate events, presentations and seminars.  Customised recordings include pre-event announcements, up to six (6) introductions for presenters, customised break announcements and sponsor credits.

Utter Professionals can supply a live Voice of God to attend your event anywhere in the world.  POA.

And, if you already have a script and simply want our professional team to provide the commanding voice and presentation for your event, talk to us!  We'll be happy to provide a quote for our VOG service at your event.

Voice of God for your venue

In the world of Corporate Events, every professionals touch is actually a professional point of difference.  With so many venues competing for the corporate events, your professional point of difference is vital.

Utter Professionals can provide a suite of announcements specifically for your venue on a subscription basis. 


Your low-cost subscription package gives you a comprehensive library of announcements that can be used at practically every event you host.

For marquis events, we can supplement your subscription with tailored introductions to keynote speakers, entertainers and award winners.