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When it comes to messaging-on-hold, we know what to say and how to say it.  We also know how to do it!

Utter Professionals help you make the most of every call that your company places on-hold.

Forget rigid update schedules; with Utter Professionals you’re able to change any part of your programme whenever you want.  And the best part, we work quickly to ensure your callers are listening to your very latest news ASAP.  Expect your new programme to be playing for callers within a few hours - always within one business day.

And when it comes to flexibility - you call the shots.

  • Only need to change one message? No problem!

  • Maybe one this week & seven messages in two months?  Sure!

  • What about an entirely new messages on-hold programme?  OK

  • I’m happy with our telephone messaging & don’t need to change yet.  That's fine - just keep doing what you're doing!


A low-cost quarterly subscription is a great starting point!

From the word 'Go!' we'll establish a MOH programme that is exactly what you need.  And whether your message is only 3 minutes long or up to 17 minutes (our current record!) we'll draft your initial script to suit your callers' needs.

As a subscriber, you simply update your programme whenever it suits you.  That's a big Utter Professionals difference.


We'll simply charge a nominal studio fee for each new recording and extend that offer to any other recordings your office requires.  Many of our MOH clients use Utter Professionals to script and record their commercials and corporate videos

Messaging-on-hold subscription

The Utter Professionals difference


The Utter Professionals difference

Scripting ... and other freebies!

Scripting is the very foundation of all our work ... and we don't charge our subscription clients for our expertise in this area.

So, what else is free?

Removing outdated elements from your MOH programme is free.  Uploading previously recorded segments back into your current MOH programme, repeating important messages is free and post-production and mixing to a new audio message ... yes, free!

Once you're established with Utter Professionals, we'll do everything we can to minimise your costs.  That's why many of our clients have stayed with Utter Professionals since we began in 2003.

At times of natural emergency, Utter Professionals has been called upon to record safety messages relating to cyclones, floods and fire.  Utter Professionals has always offered this service as our contribution to local communities at no charge.

As a community service we do have a range of other recordings we provide at no cost.  Check our Complimentary page for details

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